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3 Steps Guide -How to Change TP-link router MAC address

In this tutorial I will teach you how to check your router MAC address and change it or clone it.

If you want to replace your old router with a new tp-link router but your internet company locks accounts to customer MAC address. You can clone or change your new tp-link router with this method to your old router. It is very simple to do so.

How to Check MAC in router & Change/Clone it.

change or clone tp-link router mac address

  1. Login to your router.
  2. On left side go to Network Section
  3. Click on MAC clone
  4. As shown in screenshot now you will see 2 options clone or set new.
  5. Enter New MAC address and click Save.
  6. If it doesn’t work you can use Restore Factory option to change MAC to default.

Troubleshoot Note:

  • You have to enter new MAC in format like 00-00-11-00-22-33 if you enter it like 00:22:33:00:00:22 it will not work.
  • Restart router if after changing MAC your router cannot connect to internet. Also see Step 6 to reverse it to default.

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