Works In 2020 – Free Methods to Unblock sites blocked by your ISP

site blocker error in browser

With the rise of moral policing and governments which do not want its citizens to get access to information which is against their narrative, have resorted to blocking access to websites which hosts those content. For blocking websites ISPs use various methods to identify and snoop on their customers traffic DNS Blocking – When you … Read more

Most Easy Method – How to Change MAC address in Windows 10

mac after changing windows 10

Every Windows laptop/desktop network adapter has a unique MAC address, this is used to identify the device on network. Some ISP use MAC address of your router or computer to lock internet access. It is also used by public hot-spot systems and free wifi systems in Hotels which use MAC to identify your device. By … Read more

How to find MAC address of Windows 7&10 Desktop or Laptop

ipconfigall mac address cmd

MAC address is a unique identifier of any device connected to the network, this is assigned to each device by its manufacturer. All manufacturer use a standard protocol to create MAC address that can be traced back to their organization. For your windows desktop or laptop it is the unique id of your systems motherboard. … Read more

How to assign Static IP address in Tp-link N router

tp-link dhcp address reservation

In this tutorial I will explain how you can assign a static internal ip address to any device connected to your tp-link router. Normally your devices get ip address assigned by your router DHCP server which lease one ip address to each devices connected to it, by default tp-link routers lease it for 120 minutes. … Read more

Easy Guide – How to Port Forward in TP-link Wireless-N router

ps4 port forward rules

In this tutorial I will show you how to do port forwarding in TP-link routers Wireless-N models. For archer models the router interface is slightly different. Currently most popular TP-link router models are the N model type as it is cheaper than Archer AC type which has more range and can support more high speed … Read more

How to connect two TP-link router in repeater mode with LAN cable

lan to lan router connection

In my last post I shared how to use a tp-link router in repeater mode with wifi to extend your internet connection coverage across your house/office. But there is a limitation with that setup as for connecting router in repeater mode we used WDS bridging method so we cannot use wifi to connect other devices … Read more

How to Connect two TP-Link router in repeater mode with WIFI wireless

tp-link router image

In this tutorial I will show you how you can set up your TP-link router in repeater mode to extend your internet connection in other areas of your house, office. For this we do not need any other third party firmware as tp-link router firmware have inbuilt functionality to be used as a repeater. To … Read more