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Hey Welcome to you can find tech tutorials without extra jargons.

So I recently bought the domain and currently it is setup to redirect here. Some old links will redirect to my blog and some here at forum.

This domain ( was previously owned by Nathan Malcolm who was a MyBB core developer and resigned from the staff position in 2013 due to personal reasons. (Staff team keeps changing as some members get busy with their personal life)
He is still active and posting on mybb community support forums.

[Image: nathon-malcom-archive-profile-pic.png]

I used to be very active in some mybb forums and was also admin/mod of some but as life happens forums got closed/inactive and I also got busy with other stuff, lost interest. Back then mybb was poor man's vbulletin, a free forum software which looked amazing and had amazing features compared to other free forum softwares available. Earlier mybb community was very big and active, currently it is just a shadow of its former self.  Sad

As I mentioned I got busy and didn't kept track of new developments in community, a lot of things happened now most forums are on xenforo, IPB (both are paid). Vbulletin which was once a very popular software is slowly disappearing from community. MyBB development was also slowed as it is a free software and dev team does work on it voluntarily so team members got busy and because of major changes to development roadmap happened. Mybb 2.0 a very big upgrade was planned but now it has been postponed and hopefully we will soon get 1.9 with default responsive theme.

So, lets come back to the topic. I created this site for writing tech related stuff and decided to add a forum too. I am familiar working with MyBB and its free so installed and started looking for tutorials to secure my forum as I remember forum used to get hacked quite often (they still do).

A lot of old tutorials (still valid) were linking to threads and this domain was listed for sale so I bought it and I will restore some useful old threads from archive. From domain history data this domain expired/available for sale from 2016.

I have read a lot of stuff after installing this forum so I will write tutorials from what I have learned from various resources, that will be useful for new forum admins. Previous dead links will be redirected to relevant blog posts or threads restored from archive data.

Update: 20+ tips ULTIMATE Guide you NEED to SECURE your MyBB Forum from Hackers

You can read this tutorial to learn how to secure your forum.
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