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How to connect two TP-link router in repeater mode with LAN cable

In my last post I shared how to use a tp-link router in repeater mode with wifi to extend your internet connection coverage across your house/office. But there is a limitation with that setup as for connecting router in repeater mode we used WDS bridging method so we cannot use wifi to connect other devices with the extended router.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can connect two tp-link routers  with LAN cable specifically the 2nd one which is used to extend the wifi and lan internet coverage.

The benefit of this setup is we are using our 2nd router as a switch and wifi repeater both. If you just wanted to increase lan ports you can do it with network switches but if you use a second router you can have both extra LAN ports and better wifi coverage in your other parts of house/office.

Connect both routers with LAN cable

In the below chart I have explained how this setup will work and these images will make it extremely easy for you to understand which ports to connect.

repeater with lan to lan connection chart

As explained above we will connect both router via LAN to LAN connection not WAN to LAN connection, as that will create extra NAT which we do not need.

lan to lan router connection

Extra NAT will cause problems with some applications/devices that want to ‘talk’ to other devices. For example a printer connected to first router may not be able to communicate with your pc connected to other router.

So this LAN to LAN connection will keep second router in bridge mode, DHCP will be handled by the first router.

difference between cat5, cat6 and cat7

For buying LAN cable I would suggest you to buy Cat6a or Cat7 type cable, it can support upto 10 Gb speeds and will be future proof for your home network. If you need something cheaper you can buy Cat5e or Cat6 type cable it can support speeds upto 1000 Mbps (almost 1 gigabyte).

Unless you are transferring heavy files on your network like for video editing or for streaming on multiple devices from your NAS system. (NAS- Network attached storage DIY Netflix). You would be fine with Cat6 cable type.

How to Configure Router as repeater

  1. Your first router should be working and have internet access. This tutorial is for setting up router as extender. If you don’t know how to setup a router check my previous post.
  2. Check ip of both router.
  3. Now setup 2nd router. Connect it with lan cable to your desktop/laptop. Do not connect it with other router right now.
  4. Login to your second router from browser by visiting ip you found in Step 2.
  5. To avoid conflict of ip in our network we need to change LAN ip of second router. For example First router ip = and Second router ip =
  6. In WAN port of second router do not plug any cable, it will show as WAN not connected.
  7. Disable DHCP server on the second router.
  8. Connect LAN cable between both router as shown in above illustration.
  9. Restart both routers.
  10. You should have internet access now on second router.
  11. For wifi wireless connection on second router you should change your all settings SSID, password, channel, frequency same as your first router.

Wireless Wifi Settings for second router

wireless security settings

wireless settings same as first router

  1. Keep wireless setting of both router same so when you will move to the range of either router you won’t have to enter password and select wifi network again.
  2. Restart second router again.

coverage of extended router

Now you should have good wifi coverage in all areas, for best results you can try changing the placement of routers.

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