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How to setup TP-link router first time

In this tutorial I will show you how to setup your TP-link router for the first time after you buy it. To make things super easy to understand which is my aim with all my guides I write on this website I have created a chart to explain where you have to plug LAN and WAN cables into your router.

tp-link router ports explain

Initial Cable Setup

  1. Plug the RJ45 Ethernet WAN cable from your ISP in its respective port as shown in the illustration above.
  2. Similarly plug the LAN cable that came with your router in any one LAN port as shown in the above image.
  3. Now make sure wifi wireless antennas are properly attached to the router, its easy to attach them.
  4. Now plug the power adapter cable in its socket.
  5. Depending upon your router model there may or may not be a power switch, if there is push it to turn on the router.
  6. Initial cable setup is finished to check see the indicators light which would highlight any problem, if there is any issue with any cable. See below image to understand indicators lights functions.

tp-link router indicators explain

Router Setup Wizard

  1. Find your router ip and open a browser.
  2. In browser type your router ip usually it is or
  3. Now you will see a login page for your router. Enter username and password. Default username and password for tp-link is both ‘admin’ (without quotes). It is also mentioned on a sticker behind your router.
  4. You will see the quick setup screen by default. Click on Next

quick setup wizard tp-link

5. Now you will see a screen to enter your wifi setup details. Enter SSID this will be your wifi name. For security choose WPA2/PSK which is recommended security option for wifi, enter your wifi password which you will need to connect your mobile devices to your router.In region choose your country.

wireless security settings

6. After entering all details Click Next. Your will see a prompt to restart your router for changes to take effect.

7. Ideally your internet should start working now after restart. Some ISP provide username and password for PPPoe type connection for which you have enter some more details.

To change wifi name, password or other details go to Wireless section as shown in above image.

Setup PPPoe type connection

  1. Login to your router and go to Network section.
  2. Click on Detect. If it detects your connection type as PPPoe.
  3. Enter username and password as provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  4. Click Connect and Save.

network pppoe setup

Change Default Login for security

  1. It is very important to change the default router login username and password for your security.
  2. Go to on System tools > Password (Depending upon your model this may be written as login or something similar)
  3. Enter your old username password and new username password.
  4. Click Save.

change default login

Disable WPS Pin or QSS for better security.

  1. WPS pin in the past has been blamed to be susceptible to brute-force attacks so it is advised to disable it.
  2. It is simple to disable WPS pin. Go to QSS/WPS section and click on Disable. Save.

QSS WPS pin disable

Now Reboot your router once to make sure all changes you have done is working properly. Login to your router with your new username and password.

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