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Most Easy Method – How to Change MAC address in Windows 10

Every Windows laptop/desktop network adapter has a unique MAC address, this is used to identify the device on network. Some ISP use MAC address of your router or computer to lock internet access. It is also used by public hot-spot systems and free wifi systems in Hotels which use MAC to identify your device.

By changing or spoofing your MAC address in Windows you can trick your ISP to think it is a different device.

Most common use of MAC changing or spoofing is when you buy a new laptop/desktop or your network card was repaired which changed its identifier. In such cases to get access to internet which is locked to your old Windows device MAC you have to change your new device id to your old id.

Steps to Change Windows 10 MAC Address

1. On bottom right of your screen you can see the Ethernet Adapter Symbol. Click on it.

2. Now a dialog will expand, click on Network and Internet Settings.

internet and network settings windows 10

3. Now a new Window will open, click on Change Adapter Options.

windows 10 change network adpater options

4. Now you will see all Ethernet Adapters available, if you use a VPN ignore that adapter.

5. Select the correct Ethernet adapter and right click on it.

ethernet adapter properties win 10

6. Click on properties. If you are using a non admin account you get a UAC prompt to enter the admin password required to access internet adapter settings.

7. On next dialog box Click on Configure button.

configure adapter

8. Now go to Advance Tab and Click on Network Address.

9. Tick the Value box and Enter a New 12 digit MAC like I have changed my Windows 10 pc MAC to 001122000000. This is an example you can put any other address as per your requirement like you can use MAC of a particular manufacturer etc.

enter new mac address

10. To check your PC MAC address has changed you can use ipconfig/all command or click here for detailed tutorial.

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