[2021] How to Create a Business Email Address with Google Workspace (Gmail)

How to Setup Google Workspace Email Step 1. Follow this url https://smarthelpguides.com/googlework Step 2. Now watch this video for step by step instructions to setup your google workspace Email address How to Claim Discount using Coupon Codes Step 3. Setup Billing. After completing all steps as shown in video. Click on Setup Billing Option Use … Read more

Solved WordPress Error – Download failed destination directory for streaming does not exist or is not writable

If you are unable to update or install any plugin, theme on your wordpress website because of the this directory not writable error. Follow the steps below to learn how to fix this issue so you can install and update plugins on your wordpress website. This error usually happens after you have migrated your website … Read more

How to Change or Update Database Name of WordPress Website

phpmyadmin cpanle

Every wordpress website has two major components, Database where all information pertaining to that wordpress website is stored like user information, plugin settings, site settings, post, page information, including login credentials of that wordpress website. Second component is the file server where all files like images, themes, plugins etc is hosted and whenever a visitor … Read more

MX Records for Google Domains Email forward setup

Name/Host/Alias Type Time-to-live (TTL) Priority Value/Answer/Destination Blank or @ MX 1H 5 gmr-smtp-in.l.google.com Blank or @ MX 1H 10 alt1.gmr-smtp-in.l.google.com Blank or @ MX 1H 20 alt2.gmr-smtp-in.l.google.com Blank or @ MX 1H 30 alt3.gmr-smtp-in.l.google.com Blank or @ MX 1H 40 alt4.gmr-smtp-in.l.google.com Click Here for best Hosting Comparison and Offers Source:- https://support.google.com/domains/answer/9428703?hl=en Video Tutorial on how … Read more

Migrate WordPress Additional Tutorials

File Manager & FTP Quick Overview Tutorials – Available now Filezilla tutorial :- Download filezilla from here – https://filezilla-project.org/download.php Install on your PC Use configuration details from above tutorial to access your site files over ftp/sftp. Nameserver update tutorial :-   All tutorials will be updated by tomorrow. Order Migration Service for $5 from here … Read more

Digital Ocean WordPress Droplet SSL Setup Guide

Learn how to install free lets encrypt ssl certificate for your digital ocean wordpress droplet. To watch how to install wordpress on digital ocean for free – https://youtu.be/2KJ3FBj3f4g Referral link for free $100 digital ocean credit : – https://smarthelpguides.com/do Buy domain name – https://smarthelpguides.com/wpstart Step 1 – Install Letsencrypt CertBot First, add the repository: sudo … Read more

Premium Quality Hosting

Hello Sorry to interrupt you from directly going to Premium Quality Hosting provider. Just in case you are on a budget, you can check out some of these budget hosting too. Note: If you have a big website prefer quality hosting only. Disclaimer: This post contain some affiliate links. But you don’t have to pay … Read more

Budget Hosting options

Note: I only promote hosting service which I have used.  Important: Only use budget option if you are not expecting a lot of visitors to your site. If you have a big site then I would suggest you to go with this hosting. Budget #1 Budget#2 Budget#3 Quality Premium Hosting If you are looking to … Read more

How to use Google Web Stories Plugin for WordPress

This is a demo post to show how google web stories plugin for wordpress works. Below you can see how by just copy pasting url of story in your wordpress post turns it into an embed. https://smarthelpguides.com/stories/rasgulla-recipe-story-plugin-demo/ You can watch my youtube tutorials to learn how to use this plugin.