Hosting for Beginners

Who Should buy this?

If you are just beginning your website owner journey and need some easy, reliable, affordable you can use beginner shared hosting. Below you can read in detail for what type of websites you can use shared hosting.

I also started my journey using these type of hosting.

Max Budget for Hosting

Max per month budget $2-$10

What type of Sites you can Host?

  • If you are going to create your first website and want “All in one” affordable solution.
  • For creating a blog type of website like a personal blog, recipe blog, informational blog etc.
  • For creating a Business website like if you are a yoga teacher, electrician and want to have a simple website where you can display information about your business and pricing about your service. Your customers can find your contact information and avail your services by contacting you.
  • For creating a small e-commerce website to sell things. If you make candles, crafts etc and want to sell 5-10 products from your website and are not expecting a lot of customers in the beginning. This type of website will work just like buying from amazon or ecommerce site where customer can browse your site and pay online/offline directly.
  • For creating a landing page. If you want to sell some products or courses on your website and want to advertise it on social media, for that you will need a landing page where customers can find more information and contact you for making the purchase. This is different from e-commerce type of solution where complete purchase can be done without contacting you for manually placing the order. A lot of small business online prefer this when starting.

Features of Budget Hosting

All hosting suggested for beginners offers these essential features:

  • Free Domain Option
  • Free SSL
  • Free Custom Emails
  • Easy to use Control Panel

Hosting Companies


Bluehost is really good option for beginners, you get free domain, plans are affordable. Server located in US and India.


Hostinger also offers you free domain to launch your website with very affordable hosting plans. They have many hosting server across the globe.


Interserver Hosting is a good option if you want to host multiple websites, offers all essential feature but only has servers located in US and is a little expensive compared to other options.

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