Interserver Web Hosting Review 2021

I have used interserver cpanel hosting in Jan 2021 for testing and creating tutorial you can watch that video here. Before this I have also tested their Webuzo VPS which allows you to host wordpress website on a vps without any technical experience. You can watch webuzo vps tutorial here.

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I really liked their hosting service performance and price. It comes with all features you need for your wordpress website. Their pricing is really straight forward and very affordable. For starting you can get 1 year hosting for just $30 and host multiple websites. After this you will have to pay $7 per month, unlike other hosting provider you don’t have to opt for 2-3 years contract. If you like Interserver hosting service you can opt for yearly or quarterly plans to get some discounts. To claim your discount hosting for first year at $30 click here or you can also get 1 month hosting for $0.01

In my youtube review video I have already explained all features and services you get with interserver in details. Click here to watch my interserver review video.

My website is hosted on interserver right now and I am also using cloudflare to boost the performance as my website audience is from all over the globe and website server is located in US.

You can use my website link on various website performance test site to check the “scores”. But keeping in mind lab test and real world test data are different so I would recommend you to browse some posts on my website and experience yourself how my site performs on your device. My website home page uses elementor so its pretty bloated with lots of scripts and css files. Many site owners will use these plugins so you can expect performance similar to, you experience on my website. If you use my affiliate link to buy hosting from Interserver (you pay nothing extra) I will share my litespeed optimization settings and my guide to make your wordpress website super secure with cloudflare.

Try checking my website security if you would like. (don’t hack my site seriously though :p do inform me at my email [email protected])

To claim discount on Interserver use the below given coupon code.

Top Reasons to buy Interserver Hosting

  1. Affordable price
  2. Good Performance
  3. Cpanel
  4. All features email, ssl, SSD, Backup.
  5. Good Uptime
  6. You can host multiple sites
  7. 30 days refund policy
  8. Malware scanning

Load Testing Performance Test:

In this test I sent 100 clients at same time on my website and in screenshot you can see how easily my website handled that traffic. In just one minute 1.6 gb data was served from the server. And 95% traffic was served from server not cloudflare caching.

I have done this test multiple times even with 250 clients at the same time and still the server managed it very well without reducing the performance too much or crashing the site. In all performance test I did not got a single error.

Uptime Test Results:

As I said in my video. I have not monitored it for very long time and you can see the results below. 100% uptime was recorded in my small test.

Support options:

Interserver has all type of options to contact them. Email, Telephone, Tickets. You can view all options on their website. Click here to view their support page.

Price Comparision with other hosting companies:

In terms of pricing you cannot get a better option that interserver. For full comparison you can watch my youtube review video.


Disclaimer: – This post contains some affiliate links which means I will get a small commission if you buy any service using my affiliate link (you pay nothing extra for it).