How to get Vultr Free $100 VPS Server Credit

Special Offer

This is a limited period offer. Sign up now and get free $100 Credit to Try Vultr VPS Service.

How to Sign up – Step by Step

Step 1 – Claim Special Offer to get Free $100 Credit

Step 2 – Click on Sign up

Step 3 – Create account using email and password

Step 4

Now add a payment method like Credit Card or Paypal etc. This is required for verification and preventing spam.

As shown in the image make sure to tick the option “I just want to link my credit card -0 deposit”

Then Click on Link your Credit Card

Congratulations your account sign up process is complete and now you can create your wordpress website on Vultr VPS.

Setup WordPress on Vultr

✔ Watch how to setup wordpress with plesk and vultr

✔ Watch how to setup wordpress with cyberpanel (open litespeed) and vultr

Full WordPress and Plesk Installation tutorial

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