How to Setup Email Server on Vultr VPS with Plesk

In this guide you will learn how to setup email server with Vultr VPS and Plesk control panel.  For making sure your emails go to user inbox and not spam, adding all correct DNS records are essential.

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Step#1 Setup Vultr VPS

To learn how to setup vultr vps follow this guide or video

Step#2 Install SSL certificate

Follow the vps setup guide and issue a free lets encrypt wildcard certificate. Youtube video linked in Step 1 has chapters to make it easy to jump to ssl part tutorial.

Step#3 Enable reverse DNS

As shown in video.

Step#4 Enable Mail Server

As shown in video.

Step#5 Create Necessary DNS records

Method 1

Note:- Replace

Records in first table are essential for records in second table to work. So create them if you don’t already have them as show in tutorial referenced in Step 1.

HostTypeRecord Value
@Aserver ip

Records in second table required for email function to work.

HostTypeRecord Value
_dmarcTXTv=DMARC1; p=none
@TXTv=spf1 +a +mx -all
default._domainkeyTXTDKIM record – Find from control panel
@MX (priority 10)

How to get DKIM records.

As shown in video.

Method 2

If you don’t want to manually add so many records you can use glue records and change nameservers of your domain to:-

Note for some accounts port 25 is blocked which is required for sending emails. If it is blocked you will not be able to send emails, you could still receive emails.

Final Testing

Send and receive emails and check if all tests were “pass”

Useful links

Verify DNS records –

Test email shown in video.