How to Select the Best WordPress Hosting for your Website

There is no single direct answer for the question Which is the best wordpress hosting? To find the ideal hosting for yourself, you have to answer these questions:-

What type of website you want to host blog, business portfolio, online store?

If you want to host just a simple personal blog where you write and publish articles as a hobby a basic shared hosting would be good enough. For a Business where you showcase the service provided by your company a shared hosting will work but reliability and good speed is required as you do not want to make a bad impression on your visitors/customers. If you want to host a online store website then I would recommend you to go with a very reliable hosting so you don’t miss any sales, trying to save few bucks per month is not worth the hassle and does not makes any economical sense. As an ecommerce website requires quite resource intensive plugins like Woo commerce I would suggest you to go with a cloud managed hosting provider. Depending on daily visits to your website you may have to upgrade to an vps hosting provider. At the end of this article you can find some of the hosting providers I recommend.

Where is your audience located (country) ?

Your audience location is another very important factor for any website as for example if your website is located in US and your main customer/audience is from Europe then the time for information to travel from Europe to US and vice versa will be slow as compared to if your website server is also located in Europe. This is why it is important to select a server located closer to your audience. At the end of the article you can find hosting providers which have servers located in all parts of world. Asia, Europe, US etc.

How much is your budget?

Everyone wants to have the best and fastest hosting but you have to accept the fact that the cheapest hosting company will not be able to provide you the best service in terms of reliability, customer service, website speed. So, it is important to decide what type of website you can to create and accordingly allot hosting budget for your website. For personal blogs you can get hosting for $2-5 per month, for business (non-ecommerce) you can get decent hosting for $5-10 per month. And online store type of website you will have to get hosting packages starting from $10 to $100 per month depending upon the traffic you have.

Do you want to pay monthly or you can afford to buy an annual package?

Most hosting companies will be give you discount anywhere between 30-50% on annual packages compared to monthly packages so you always try to get the annual packages. If you are lucky you can get many amazing deals during black friday, cyber monday deals. Some companies have provided us special discount coupons and links from where you will be able to get best deals. And if you are worried about paying for annual package upfront then most hosting companies provide a 30day refund policy too. (Please read refund policy of all hosting company before making any purchase)

How many plugins are you planning to use?

Some plugins like seo, related posts, woo commerce, security plugin and similar plugins can be quite resource intensive on the database. So if you are planning to use those plugins please trust my advice and do not go for the cheapest shared hosting. Some service providers even ban these plugins from their servers. For very resource intensive website best option would be going for vps.

How many visitors you are expecting daily?

If you have a website like news or you get sudden surge in traffic from social media then a cheap shared hosting will not work for you. Slow websites not just directly affects your visitors experience but google will also start to push your website ranking further the SERP resulting in less visitors which will directly affect your website ranking.

Do you expect any sudden surge in traffic?

If your main source of traffic is from social media or you write on trending topics then you may get sudden surge of visitors. For such cases depending on the traffic volume you should either get a premium shared hosting or you should go with vps load balancing setup.

How skilled are you at managing web servers?

If you can yourself manage hosting then you should directly go with any vps provider so you will have much better control over your website and servers. Don’t worry if you have never used a vps you can always learn how to host wordpress website on a vps.

If you are a beginner then I would recommend you to go for a managed hosting provider.

Is Unlimited hosting really that good?

There is nothing as unlimited hosting. Any service provider selling you unlimited everything for $1 will suspend your website or your website will perform slow, get hacked if not completely stop working. And the reason for it is very simple – managing servers costs money.

If any company is providing you unlimited hosting then you should look into the fine prints or contact their sales support to find the real limit on IOPS, database allowed, add on domains, server specifications and what is their fair usage policy. At what point they will suspend your service.

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