How to Setup WordPress Website with Vultr VPS hosting and Plesk Control Panel

Step#1 Sign up for Vultr.

Step#2 Install Plesk

Learn how to Install Plesk on youtube

Step#3 Configure glue dns records and Verify changes.

How to glue dns records –

Verify DNS records –

If you need help with glue records for other registrar please comment on youtube video.

Step#4 Setup plesk account

Step#5 Add new domain

Step#6 Issue ssl

Step#7 Install WordPress

Step#8 Enable caching

Step#9 Enable email

You also need to enable Reverse DNS to get full 10/10 score

  • To enable reverse DNS
  • Go to your vultr dashboard
  • Select the server instance
  • Go to Settings Tab
  • Edit Reverse DNS as shown in screenshot above

Step#10 Check firewall and antivirus

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Why emails not working?

Ask vultr support to open port 25. Make sure to not send mass marketing emails from vps use it only for transactional emails.

Why browser in not loading website after changing DNS?

Please clear your cache. Try with a different device like your mobile or browser for verification.