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How to access TP-link admin dashboard at or

If you just bought your new TP-link router or you want to modify any configuration of your router you need to have access to the admin dashboard. Common issue which create login problems are typo, cable issues and corrupt firmware.

Usually default tp-login page is at or and default login username and password both is ‘admin’ (without quotes).

Steps to diagnose tp-link router login issue

router ip browser router login

  1. Now a very common silly mistake a lot of people do is type ‘O’ instead of ‘0’ (numerical zero is correct). So, if you got confused with font you can now try entering the correct ip. or Copy paste the url in a new tab to be sure.
  2. If step 1 doesn’t solve your problem we have to figure out the correct ip of connected router from command prompt of windows. So, make sure you are connected to your router with a Windows system (for mac ask in comments) preferably with LAN cable. If you don’t have access to a laptop or desktop and connected to router only via mobile/tablet, check gateway ip from mobile settings> About details. For Desktop/Laptop simply you have to follow these steps to find correct ip of router.
  3. If you have another modem in your network or using the router in bridge mode. Default login ip of router could be reserved/used by some other application or device. From Step 2 you will get the correct ip of default gateway which is the ip of your router you need to login.

ipconfig gateway ip

4. Type the IP in browser you found from Step 2 as shown in above image.

Ping Tp-link router IP

If you still cannot access the login page.

  1. Type Win+R

keyboard win+R

2. Type cmd


3. Press Enter then in command prompt type ping (ip you found in previous Step 2)

4. Now if ip is reachable you will get message of ‘Reply’ or if it is not reachable you will get message of ‘Request Time Out’. Both cases are highlighted in Green and Red respectively.

ping tp-link router login page

5. If it is reachable you should be able to login but if you cannot then restart router manually from On/Off switch. All lights would flash and it will restart.

Check if LAN cable is plugged properly

1. If you get ‘Request Time Out’ message then check if the LAN cable is plugged properly in both your laptop/desktop and Router.

2. To make sure check if the LAN cable indicator light is highlighted on router. Check below image for reference. It is like a shape of desktop monitor.

tp-link router indicators explain

3. Check LAN cable is plugged in correct port and by mistake you have not plugged it in the WAN port. LAN ports for tp-link routers are usually in yellow color and WAN port in Blue color.

tp-link router ports explain

4. Check LAN cable is not damaged in anyway like rats chewing on cable etc.

If LAN cable is plugged in correctly and in correct port you should be able to login to your router but still if you are not able to then do the following steps:-

a.) Disconnect any VPN if you are using.

b.) Try using a different browser like chrome or Mozzila Firefox

c.) Turn on/off Windows Firewall

d.) Restart your pc and router.

Reset your router

If nothing worked it could be an issue because of corrupted firmware. It is very rare but can happen if you were updating your router firmware and connection was disconnected in the mid process because of electricity issue or the cable was loose etc. In some cases it could be shipped faulty from manufacturer.

Warning: Resetting your router will completely erase all settings and configurations so you may have to contact your ISP for any username and password required by your internet company.  You can follow this guide to configure your tp-link router after resetting it.

  1. To manually reset you will need a pin to push the reset button on your router’s back side as shown in below image.
  2. Push the pin and hold it for 10 secs to perform a hard reset.
tp-link router reset switch
tp-link router reset switch

Now your login problem should be solved if not consider returning your router to shop if it is new. If it is 2-3 years old consider buying a new one, networking devices usually do not stop functioning before this period, unless damaged by some external issues like electricity surge, too much humidity causing short-circuit, using wrong firmware resulting in brick router.

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